Dynamics CRM

Build better & lasting business relationships

A flexible Customer Relationship Management system that offers several options for hosting and deployment. It also interacts with the other Microsoft products such as Excel, Word, and Outlook.

  • Everything your sales force needs to turn leads into accounts
  • Marketers can track campaigns and see results right away
  • Less time digging through data and more time closing deals


Inspire your sales team to work better together.

Customer Care

Get what you need to exceed customer expectations through intuitive insights and tools.


Deliver innovation through multi channel marketing automation and analytics.


Integrate daily applications with social media for the most up-to-date information.

Build better & lasting business relationships

Imagine keeping track of all your conversations, communications, and documents in one place, and being able to instantly share them with your team. Now imagine doing it from all within one easy-to-use platform. With simple one-click integration you can tie any conversation, document, spreadsheet, quote, bid, invoice, business process, etc. to the appropriate contact and company and share it throughout your organization.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides secure, reliable access to detailed account information, streamlined business processes, collaborative tools and much more.


With Dynamics CRM, you can:

  • Improve accounts receivable collections management
  • Automate approval processes from purchasing to engineering change requests, and sales discounts to RFPs
  • Automate credit approval and purchasing processes
  • Improve vendor management
  • Take orders right from the road – no internet connection needed
  • Audit your team’s productivity, streamline workflow, and so much more

Who Use Dynamics CRM?

Finance, Accounting, IT, Purchasing, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Management, and anyone who contributes to your company’s success. Good customer service gets you ahead of the competition.

Sales and marketing staff across all industries can use Dynamics CRM to boost the bottom line, retain customers, and shorten the sales cycle.

Finance and Accounting teams harness the power of CRM and shorten collections to improve cash flow. Streamline the workflow within your organization and give visibility to the information your staff needs, when they need it.


Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 now you have seamless integration between all your Microsoft applications. No more switching back and forth from Word, Excel, Outlook, CRM, and Dynamics NAV. One click changes the wrapper and the menu ribbon to the current Microsoft application. You won’t even have to switch to a new program to edit, review and approve documents, confirm the status of a quote, check your email, or stay up to date on your team’s progress.

Your staff can easily prioritize their activities, keep the critical projects moving forward, and keep the management team informed at the same time.

With real-time customizable dashboards, visual analysis and recognizable navigation, flexible goal management, and personalized drag and drop functionality, all in a familiar Microsoft Outlook format, you’ll get the intelligent, insightful and actionable information you need when you need it.

Finance and Accounting: Improve Cash Flow

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 you can shorten accounts receivable time and have more cash available for your business. Set up alerts and notifications to notify your sales rep and customer before the invoice is due. Integrate back-office functions to let your staff see invoice data directly from the accounting system to get invoices out quicker by eliminating duplicate data entry.

Use calendaring and task management to prioritize collection calls, set follow up tasks, escalate accounts, send automatic emails and have it all tie back to the account in CRM for a global view of communications and actions. And it’s easy to use and simple to customize.


Customer Service: Improve Your Business Productivity With One Simple Tool

Give your Customer Service Representatives permission-based access to the data they need, including payment history, credit status, order status, and discounts. With the right information at their fingertips they will be better able to serve your customers and your Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivable clerks will have more time to do their primary jobs.

Sales: Increase Revenue

Track your sales cycle and customer interaction. Capture a lead, attach an email to it, assign it to a team member, qualify its stage, prioritize the contacts, generate real-time sales quotes, and analyze the results.

Maximize the sales pipeline visibility and insights. The interface is familiar and intuitive; it’s fast, efficient, and you’ll wonder how your sales team ever survived without it.


Marketing: Better Insights = Better Programs

Success in marketing comes from figuring out what worked, what didn’t, and why. With Dynamics CRM, marketers will get closer to the bullseye.

Create highly segmented campaigns using existing and previous project data and automate communications. Mail-merge capability expedites your email process. Integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook to simplify your marketing programs.

Powerful. Actionable. Real-Time Insights.

With four main components including the user interface, the database, the reporting engine, and the workflow engine, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a solution that is flexible and scalable to fit any business. Whether you need it delivered online through the cloud or in a hosted environment Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easily customizable to your industry, business practices, industry practices, user profiles, and unique business needs. And with seamless integration with other Microsoft products including MS Office, MS Outlook, MS Windows, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you’ll have the tools you need all delivered in a familiar interface you already know how to use. The result? Your Customer Relationship Management solution will have a faster and wider user adoption with less training than other solutions on the market. That means higher productivity, improved business management, and lower costs.


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