Network Security 

Securing your network and data is more complex than ever, and the threats are real and increasing. The evolution of virtualized cloud architectures and complex networks requires a comprehensive security strategy to protect your most valuable asset—your data.


Threats come from a multitude of sources with the intention of disrupting your business and costing you money. At ANQAD We review your Infrastructure, identify where your business is most vulnerable to cyber threats & attacks and recommend a tailor made solution.


We then Deploy the solution after which we take on the daily operation of securing your environment.

Call us today!!!!! Let  us keep your data safe

Some of the tools we use include: 

  • Intrusion prevention and detection
  • Application security
  • Next generation firewalls
  • End point protection
  • Data loss prevention
  • Web proxy and URL filtering
  • Vulnerability management
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Advanced Threat Analytics 
  • Executive reporting