Our Pedigree

A pedigree of advice, delivery and support that extends over a decade

We can draw on a wealth of experience and investment in technology:

  • Experience of successfully specifying and delivering projects – large and small, complex and simple- on time and on budget
  • Experience of providing premium, fast response support that keep our clients working
  • Investment in structured methodologies and support systems that reduce our clients’ costs and mitigate risks, of both projects and day to day IT operations
  • Investment in talent that ensures our clients benefit from working with a Syntax team that is accredited, qualified, experienced and creative, and dedicated to providing excellent customer service


We have a history of providing value for clients through their technology investments, boosting business performance and enabling business flexibility.

With a range of clients across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, we have established deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses and have consistently worked with them to provide innovative, effective technology solutions.