Managed Services

First Point of Contact to the IT WORLD

“As a company with a very high reliance on IT we benefit from ANQAD SYSTEMS “big company” style support and we have no need for an in-house IT department.”

Does Your Company;


  1. Have less than 50 staff members using computers and related systems
  2. Have branches and 100+ employees computer users
  3. Have 50+ users? Do you experience temporary peaks in demand due to;
    • workload issues e.g. crazy deadlines,
    • Staff Issues. E.g. Staff is sick, resigned, on leave etc
  4. Have an annual turnover of more than KES 100 Million
  5. Your company may just be loosing more than KES 40,000 per hour?


Call us today, let us show you how we can save you money!!!!!!!!!

IT Support For Your Business

Your complete outsourced IT department. Benefit from the latest enterprise level technology and market leading, true 24/7 IT support.


We Proactively and in real time manage all aspects of our clients’ IT infrastrucure and systems, on their behalf. We realize that for every hour you are unable to access your work because your systems are slow, unresponsive, have crashed, been hacked into are stolen or lost you are losing money.

From a total outsourced solution to a part-managed service or even a single on-demand resource, we promise a scalable and dynamic service to help you get the most from your team and resources.

We don’t ; go on leavesleepor fall sick,