About Us

We are an Information Technology and Consulting company.

Who We Are

ANQAD Systems Ltd is an Emerging solutions provider of end-to-end integrated and adaptable business management applications, services and related IT Infrastructure for mid-sized companies. We Champion Innovation, and help our clients drive expansion across markets, leading them to positively impact society and achieve exceptional results for their stakeholders.

We are a team of highly skilled and driven consultants with more than 10 Years experience implementing internationally proven, fully integrated business solutions to our clients in various industries ranging from Distribution, Retail, Services and Manufacturing.


In essence; We Identify where $$$ is being lost, Redesign Business Processes, Utilize technology to improve efficiencies  and Save our Clients $$$.


We do this by helping you;

    1. Engage with your customers: By offering systems that enables you link up and interact with your clients with ease irrespective of which mode they prefer, thereby delivering your value proposition in a personalized fashion.
    2. Empower your Employees: Our tools help you curve out which customer segment to approach and efficiently collaborate with your employees the findings with the view of anticipating and meeting customer demands.
    3. Optimize operations:  Treat your clients as kings in the true sense of the word by opening up communication channels and by delivering timely products and services that surpass their expectations and are backed up by world class support service
    4. Transform your products:  Would it matter to you if you new exactly what product or service your clients want that could conclusively address their pains, needs and desired outcomes? Call us today!!!!!

Our History

ANQAD Systems  Ltd started its journey as Ankara Enterprises Four and a half Years ago (February 2012) with the rebranding process taking place towards the end of 2015.


We started out primarily as Managed Services Providers and Network Infrastructure Integrators and administrators. Over the last year and a half with the proliferation of the “Cloud”, we have added Microsoft products (among others) to the fold primarily Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics as we position ourselves in the eyes of our clients as “the first point of contact to the IT world”

Our Vision

To actively develop, refine, and enhance our product portfolio in order to give our clients the right solution and support at the right time and the right price.

Our Mission

To make IT an Investment not a cost center.

To make Business Sense not Technical Sense.